Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pantry - Before and After

Awhile back when my husband was out of town, I decided to tackle a home improvement project solo. I did this because I knew it would take some convincing to get him excited about taking a weekend to "spruce up the pantry".

It turned out great. This gave me confidence in a few areas; hanging wall paper, using power tools and not asking his opinion before I take on a project - which could be a bad thing...but what's done is done.

Our Pantry/ Landry room is a long and narrow space - like a hallway. I am currently working on organizing the laundry part of it, but the pantry part is done and I am so pleased.

Before - MDF shelving in a wood finish

After - Look what a little bit of paint, fabric and wall paper can do!

I need to give credit where credit is due - this post from Jenny Steffens was my inspiration.

And she was inspired by Eddie Ross.

This little part is a more recent accomplishment - I am so embarrassed of the before picture!

trash can, recycling bin, and dog food...

I bought this utility shelf from Target right after Christmas with high hopes for this space.

And a few supplies in the mean time...

And look what happened in one Friday night - I know, I am quite the socialite...

I bought a pre-made frame at Hobby Lobby and put the chalkboard paint directly on the wall. I had a hard time finding a cute chalk board that was reasonably priced and the right size. This worked out perfectly. - Total Cost for the chalkboard - about $23

I put the chalk and eraser in this cigar box we already had and I found this adorable lamp at an antique store for $18 -It was missing a shade. I knew it had potential, I love the shape of it and it was a steal because it is made out of china.
My only regret with this entire project is not doing it sooner.
I linked upi to Thrifty Decor Chick to share this project.