Monday, March 22, 2010

The power of emotion.

We are in the beginning phases of getting ready to sell our home.
There are so many things on our "to do" list and it seems to be growing by the minute.
We find ourselves "discussing" what projects are top priorities and which ones should be at the bottom of the list. I have discovered yet another difference between male and female during all of these "discussions".
My husband is very smart, analytical, my walking calculator...I am creative, emotional, visual...quite a pair of opposites, but you know what thay say about opposites...

With all of the persuasive skills I have, I have tried to move my projects to the top of the list.
Things that will evoke emotion in a woman...a lovely laundry room, a spacious organized closet, and inviting kitchen and on the list goes.
Launrdry room from

This is the basic layout of our laundry room now, and if we weren't planning on selling...well, I could see this being next on the list.
Image by Mark Lund form Real Simple

photo from

This is image is the farthest thing from my closet, but it does make a girls mouth water...
image from Furniture online magazine

Image from Southern Living

I am in love with this kitchen - Image also from Southern Living

Jeremy on the other hand wants the house to be power-washed, grass to be green, and the price to be right...(I am not saying that is not important, just pointing out how different our priorities are during this time).

We have one of these right now, just waiting to be put to use....

So, I have concluded that in order to be successful in this adventure we are about to embark on, it takes two...we are both right all of these things matter and completing these will only help in the sale and showing of our little home. Wish us luck!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Room with a view

My personal budget for new decor around my house is small.
Especially if we are talking about something that is not functional but just real pretty.
This makes me sad yet resourceful...which I am so glad of. I am finding more and more ways to beautify on a budget, which is a fun challenge.

This is my space before:
I am ashamed to say that this has looked like this for about 2 years...sad little swatch on the window and all, but usually the bench has a lot more stuff on it.

But after a little bit of shopping my house and my mom's (thanks Mom).

We have this:

I had these plates from Wisteria for the longest time and they were always suppossed to hang on either side of the window. But when we went to hang them they just looked pitiful.
They needed some friends.
I had one silver platter that I had bought and intended it for a client, but it did not work out...and I found the other one at my mom and dad's house.
And it is almost identical, so it works out great.

Close up of one of the plates:

And I made this pillow - I got the idea from a wonderful blogger (can't claim it as my own).
I will try to give credit when I remember which blog it came from.
I got lost in blog world one day and you know how it can be...kind of like etsy because there is just so much good stuff out there.

If you're in a recession, there is always burlap...cost effective and stylish!

And here they are side by side the before and after...
I had great intentions of attempting a valance before this post, but did not live up to it...
maybe in March!

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