Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sometimes I wish I was OCD.

I am not a neat freak, but I am really trying to be more organized in 2010. I have a few things working against me though...

- A "quaint" little house - whenever I come home and drop the purse, diaper bag, etc. The house looks cluttered already. So, it is with diligence that I am trying to organize and to have a place for everything and everything in it's place.

- That brings me to obstacle number 2 - an adorable 18 month old who has toys that seem to breed and overflow from her room, to the living room, to the master bedroom...She even has her own drawer in the kitchen for "her" dishes and pots and pans.

I want my house to be kid friendly - don't get me is her house too, but with a house like ours there has to be some sort of method to the madness.

- And the third thing going against my efforts is one we all struggle with - TIME.

It's nap time, Do I -
a). catch up on the latest from the housewives of Orange County
b). take a much needed nap myself
c). organize and clean the house until I am exhausted and mad that I did not choose option b

I think the bottom line is this, there is always going to be a dishwasher that needs to be unloaded and laundry to do...but there has to be time to re-charge and do things I enjoy.

So, my goal is this...get the house as organized as I possibly can (keeping my organizational skills in mind) and take time to do the necessities and take time for myself...everything else will just have to wait. I know these moments are fleeting, so I don't want Libby to only remember her mom cooking and cleaning and not spending time playing or going to story time, and all the other fun outings we have.

Here are a few inspirational images that are motivating me to tackle the closets and laundry room in the next few weeks.
Hopefully I will have images of my own to share soon!

Hmm...I wish I had an two empty walls in my house, this would be so helpful.

Image from real simple.

Let me just pause to say; I think the mastermind behind behind pledge multi-surface was a mother with small children...I LOVE this stuff.

How cool is this bookshelf? After it has so many books on it you don't even see the bracket they are on. From MoMA

I love this office, its so pretty and organized.
So Organized that they don't even need the outlet below the desk...

Courtesy of Real Simple.

Whoever did this, I need their help - again image from Real Simple

I really like how this workspace is pretty and functional, but I think I would need a lot more space for function...also love the pottery.
Image from Cottage Living
And who doesn't love a basket - a basket simply says:
"Yes I have clutter, but look how cute it looks all stashed away in this natural beauty"

By the way choosing option a). listed above is almost always a huge mistake.

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  1. Love the new site!! Wish I was NOT 9 hours away so you could come over and get creative in my house.......Libby Jane looks precious as always miss her (and ya'll too)!!! Give her a kiss from aunt Janie.....