Friday, January 15, 2010

Before & After LOVE~

I think we all have to agree how much we love to see before and after pictures of anything...people, makeovers, homes, yards, furniture...I think it is just so inspiring how much something can change with a little bit of vision and hard work.
There is even a blog I follow that is dedicated to posting to Before & Afters, called Better After. Lindsey does a great job of posting instant inspiration for those who love this sort of thing.

That is the same reason I think we are all so drawn to see what something was and what it can become. I came across a project in the Lowe's - Creative Ideas magazine that really got my attention - mainly because I have a bathroom in my house that is the exact same floor plan and needs a little overhaul itself.

I love the white river rock and the white grout...but I would be mortified what it would look like after a week in my house. I also love how they did two panels for a shower curtain. This would work in my house because Libby is the only one who uses the bathtub and it is for a bath - not a shower so water would not be a problem.

I have spruced up our bathroom with little changes like paint and a shower curtain but I have not put this much effort in.
I am definitely inspired to do a little project in this space now but I just need to go one step at a time....

Today bead board is being installed in our master bedroom ceiling and I am so is going to be great!

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