Monday, January 4, 2010

House vs. Home

Over the past few years - let's say 2 years, we find ourselves pulling the real estate section out of the Sunday paper. We take it with us and just happen to end up "looking" at things in our price range or neighborhoods we love.
This usually ends badly. We walk into an open house - give a very hard working realtor false hope and I begin to arrange furniture and pick out paint colors as we walk through...all the while, Jeremy, being the math whiz that he is has figured out how much the mortgage would be and how much profit we could make on our home, minus the realtor commission etc.

Then the discussion leads to all the projects that need to be done on our house before we consider putting it on the market. We eventually come home to our drafty little abode and begin to realize how much we have put into the place and how much we love it and we are content...until the next Sunday rolls around.

The houses we see, sure they are nice...with lots of space, great insulation and the cherry on top - the bonus room...oh, every fisher price product we own could fit in that one room with space to spare.

But are they home?

Nope, to me a home is something very personal...something that we put our hard work into, painting, re-painting after picking the wrong shade, re-arranging furniture until it is how you want it...swatches hanging on windows until you know you commit to one fabric, the list goes on.

So while these houses are nice...I don't think one becomes a home until you truly invest yourself in it. Not, just financially - but physically & mentally. So, until we find the "one" and complete all of our little projects we will continue to look at all those houses and truly appreciate our home.

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