Friday, January 8, 2010

Wallpaper - It's Back!

We are on the brink of re-doing our master bedroom and I am searching high and low for the perfect wall covering to use. I want something with texture - just to add a little interest to the wall behind our bed, the accent wall. I went and fell in love with something so outrageously expensive - (easy to do in the design trade) and realized it would never become a reality when the nice ladies at Seabrook explained how this particular one was priced by the yard and not the roll, so basically what I thought would cost about $175 was going to be $1500, yeah - I put that book back on the shelf real quick. The wall behind our bed is a little awkward with lots of cut outs so I was thinking this is where we could splurge a little because I loved it...well, not so much. So back to square one.

I think I have settled on one that will, hopefully soon I will have some before and after pictures to share.
Recently I have used wall covering here and there on some projects. It is back and so much better than it was in the 8o's. I think people who have renovated homes from that decade see to be very hesitant to jump back onto the trend wagon...all they think of is all of the wallpaper they had to strip when they bought their home. I think it is great if it is used the right way and in the right opposed to coordinating mauve and country blue with a border to match!

This is a picture from Cottage Living - I love that they painted the ceiling that blue color and kept the trim uniform with it - the stripes of the wall covering take your eye up...

This is from a Coastal Living issue - this is so interesting to me in this little nook. I think it the pattern does so much more for the space than a solid paint color would.

I love everything about this room - I am very much into green this year. Image is from Southern Living

How fun would this be in a kids room? - courtesy of Coastal Living

Grass cloth is huge this year. I love it in this nursery - so soothing yet stylish
Image from Atlanta Home & Lifestyles magazine

Again loving this mod look of this little guy's room.

Stay tuned on progress from the master bedroom - Before pics have been taken so it is off to the races!

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