Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birds - How Ironic

Let me start this post by saying that I am loving the bird trend these days. Owls, birds, bird cages...I am so drawn to the simplicity and delicacy of it all.

But in life out side of interior design, I am no fan of birds.

I think it stems back to college - there was this one tree outside my window of my freshmen dorm. I think every bird on campus lived in that tree. And after pulling an all-nighter at "the library", a tweeting colony of birds is the last thing I wanted to hear.

Birds also seem to find my car wherever I am parked - yet another reason I am negative nancy when it comes to birds...and what about that Alfred Hitchcock movie? "The Birds" - I mean, if that doesn't weird you out...all those beaks...ughh.

Anyway - back to my love for the booming trend of our little winged friends.

This was brought to my attention this weekend by Jeremy. We are getting ready to re-do our master bedroom and I was trying to paint a picture of what I was going for. So I took him to this store where I found a fabulous custom pillow with none other than a large bird on the front. And he looked at me and said, "You like this? I can't see you liking this." I then had to turn to the sweet lady who was standing there who happened to make the pillow herself and I had to explain that I hate birds in "real life" but loved the pillow and will be purchasing one soon.

I love this adorable storage box from ModMom on Etsy

I love this pattern...and the muted colors - Barbra Kelp Eaton Blue Linen

Adorable tote & pillow from Fig+Sage

And here is one of my favorites by Bumbletees - a local Memphis Company.

I have this owl shirt but army green long sleeve instead of white & I LOVE it.

What about you? Do you have an ironic trend that has started to grow on you that you never thought would? I would love to hear about it.

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  1. I like birds in decor, too. I also have a garden and run around arms flapping whenever I catch birds pecking at my crops. lol. I do think that sooner or later birds will be as despised as the country white geese that were all over the place in the 1980's. For now I'm enjoying my fake feathered friends. lol.