Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The elephant in the room.

I know from experience that some of the hardest decisions for a designer to make are the decisions about your own home. I have struggled with it at times and other times it seems effortless.

I think part of the battle is that I am surrounded with too many options. I am constantly looking at fabric, paint, inspiration pictures, etc.
So, by the time I make a decision I come across something else that I love that I could have chosen.

To look at an example of this in my life we will have to take a walk down memory lane.
I was 22.
 I was a working woman about to move out on my own.
And I didn't own one single thing...Okay, I take that back. I had this.

A console my parents bought for me for my birthday.

And a pair of these -

That's right, only an interior design major in her junior year would ask for a pair of sconces for Chistmas and hold on to them for a few years until she had a place of her own.

My parents were big supporters of communal living in college - hence, the no furniture delima, I resided in the sorority house during the school year and would sub-lease in the summer. I have to admit, I loved it.

So, it was time for me to spread my wings and move into my very own townhouse.
I spent so much time selecting finishes for my very own space...it was so exciting.
And this is what it looked like:

I had a clean slate to work with...how often does that happen?
I didn't have a clean slate for long...because I bought this:

(and this is where the elephant comes in).
I found this beauty at Norwalk.
It was a floor model that was on sale and being that it was my favorite color at the time

(and in my small price range) 
I was SOLD.

Fast-forward a few years later, when my tastes change and so do my surroundings...Everything had to work around the RED sofa...I was constricted with what I could really do because of this purchase...
I definitely wasn't thinking that I would have a husband, baby, and 70 lb. dog that would all be fighting for a seat. Yes, I fit on there too, somehow.

I do love Big Red.
She reminds me of a stage of life that was a little simpler and a lot less crowded.
She has been good to us, but I think her days are numbered.

If I could have told the 22 year old Elizabeth what I know now I would have said:

1. Your style will change (so will your favorite color)
2. Comfort IS important
3. You will soon have to share this with a few people you haven't met yet, but you really love...so make sure it seats 3 + a dog comfortably.

I am happy that I made the purchase. If I tried to convince Jeremy now that we need to buy a red leather sofa, it would take a lot of convincing...and probably wouldn't happen.

But like I said, I am ready for something new...maybe its just a slip-cover for now, but change is good.

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  1. Elizabeth- So great to hear from you. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Hope all is well with you. Your little girl is precious.

    Please keep in touch! xx- Brooke