Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you think you're home is out of style, just give it 30 years.

My parents are doing some renovations in their home and with these renovations come the need to purge, clean, organize and purge some more. I have helped a little bit in the past few weeks and in doing so have been able to come across some goodies for myself.

Among the many things that were found was this book - Copyright 1982.

Now, I anticipated to see some dated photos...but the real reason for me keeping it was all of the "how to" projects that are in this little to make a roman shade, hang wall paper, make a bed skirt, the list goes on and on...

I was, however surprsied to see a picture of this kitchen.
Despite the window treatment and the light fixture, it seemed spot on to all the pictures in the magazines today. I bet someone bought this house in 1989 and covered it in wallpaper and country blue with a bunch of geese and now the people who own it are stripping the wall paper and trying to get it back to something close to this picture. How funny...

So, if you think your home needs an overhaul, just wait a few years, you may be back in style by then!

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  1. I always loved Laura Ashley. Rachel Ashwell and Shabby Chic remind me a lot of her.