Saturday, August 6, 2011

Martha Stewart inspired Birthday party (on a budget)

We recently celebrated Libby's 3rd birthday. Like some other mom's out there I start planning her birthday a few months in advance. There is just something fun about it for me...I guess it is kind of like interior design, creating an environment  for people you love and imagining & executing one great day for your child. That is what I wanted it to be for Libby. I wanted her to wake up that day of her party to see that the house had been transformed, all because we were celebrating her.

If you google kids birthday party ideas tons of link come up. I was not truly inspired until I arrived at Martha Stewart's website. She has a lot of great ideas that are really creative. I realized that to make it what I wanted I would have to extra creative because I did not have a Martha Stewart budget.

So, I got busy planning a garden party. It was so fun, I got so excited about the big day (kind of like Christmas) now I am a little sad that it is over...but there is always next year!

This was the main center piece, the only flowers I had to buy were the daisies...the rest came from my mom's yard...thanks mom!

One of my favorite things...the hanging paper flowers from all of the trees.

The birthday girl!

The butterfly cupcakes my sister and I cute!

The "big activity" was planting your own pumpkin seed. By October, if all goes well, each child will have their own pumpkin. This was also the party favor.

Another view of the backyard

Lots of paper flowers

Not even a week later, our pumpkins have sprouted.
How exciting!

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