Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who loved home improvement...

It has been almost a year since we moved into our new house in suburbia. We left a thriving little neighborhood in East Memphis that we really loved. We bought the house just before we got married in 2005 and lived there until 2010. It was an adorable little house...but it wasn't always like that. Upon seeing the house for the first time, Jeremy was walking around pointing out all of the positives that he knew would make me come around...eventually I did and we bought it. It looked like a Mexican restaurant from the outside...what with the red, white and green color scheme...and all of the rooms on the interior were painted in colors from the "paint-we-screwed-up-and-is-dirt-cheap" shelf at Lowe's.

The dormer's were terribly off scale, rotting cornice and siding and needing a new roof. We lived in this little gem about 3 years before we were really able to change the exterior of it. It also doesn't help that the before picture was taken on a dreary winter day.


ta da - after

Jeremy's super talented uncle re-built the dormer's for us. We replaced the windows in them, got a new front door, added the portico, columns, shutters, landscaping, new cornice and roof...whew, makes me tired just re-living it in my mind.

And wouldn't you soon as we get it the way we want it...we sold it. It was definitely time to move on, we were out-growing it and had another baby on the way. We had done everything but add square footage. So, I write this long overdue post from the comfort of our new "project" with lots of before and after to come...I am excited to post all about it, but I have to get busy so I can take some "after" photos.

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  1. I came here via Better After and just wanted to say how much I love the transformation. Seriously, the house is too cute. The new owners are very lucky!